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            Make Pure Water From Air

      ATMOS creates the cleanest water on the planet


Benefits of Alkaline-Ionized Water

Promotes wellness, weight reduction & anti aging.                                       Balances body PH, helps prevent disease.                                                 Powerful antioxidant.                                                                                       Powerful Detoxifier- Washes acidic waste, excess fat and other toxins from   your body.                                                                                         Hydrates your body six times more effectively than conventional water.           Purest water on the planet.                                                                         Can be attached to municipal water to use its extensive filtration.                   Dispenses both hot and cold water and dehumidifies as it works.

Creates pure water and an option for alkaline water. From $2,495.

Potenshaa Energized Skin Oil

 Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer

Created using a beautiful combination of seven organic and wild crafted carrier oils and nine essential oils Potenshaa is a unique Anti-Aging Oil. Results of research showed the remedies now in PotenShaa™ were those that the participants felt a levity and 'vibrational' response to their skins.  Fine wrinkles seemed to disappear and most found their skin to be softer. 

"Finally a skin care product that is oil based and does not make my skin oily.  Instead, it is easily absorbed and my skin glows."

-E. Upton, PhD   Thousand Oaks, California

"I feel ten years younger and look almost that, too.  My face has never looked or felt so soft.  My skin is vibrant and my fine lines are vanishing within a few weeks"

Renee Carlon   Scottsdale, Arizona

We highly recommend this product !!!!

Free Shipping !!

Price: $49.00  

Potenshaa Chakra Oils-special sale

Fantastic opportunity to acquire the Chakra Oils at wholesale prices. Due to changes in logo and packaging the older logo must go. Additional discounts available bulk sales.  Call for prices.

                   Clean George
                            Clean George
                         The Next great product

Clean George Hand Purifier is an organic based, natural hand cleaner that is also a moisturizer. It is the first ECO hand sanitizer that is also a moisturizer. It uses no alcohol that dries the skin and uses natural, organic disinfectants and organic moisturizers.
Mfg suggested list price: $11.99

Organic Insider price: $9.97

Keep your hands moisturized and germ free for
  .2 1/2 cents per cleaning. 

Without question, the finest hand sanitizer on the market. We stand 100% behind it and offer a money back guarantee.

Kor One Hydration Vessel

It's Water ReDesigned™
You wouldn’t drink contaminated water. Why put good water into a contaminated bottle? The KOR ONE is made from Eastman Tritan™, which is free of bisphenol-A (BPA), a leaching toxin found in polycarbonate bottles.
Mfg suggested list price: $29.95

Organic Insider price: $23.95


Bedding - Pleated Shams
Dreamsack BambooDreams- King Bed Example

250 Thread Count.
Sheet sets include bottom fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases – standard pillowcases for queen and twin sets/ king pillowcases for king and California king sets. The 15" pocket on the fitted sheet fits a range of mattress depths.
100% Viscose from BambooBambooDreams Sheet Sets

King Sheet Set Price $240.00
King woven Bamboo Blanket Price $185.00
Shams(2) plus quilted Price $315.00
bamboo coverlet
Total $740.00

Purchase Now

Price: $740.00
Organic Insider Price: $347.00

Fashion meets Organics
1960s style fitted silhouette dress with asymmetrical off the shoulder neckline. Inspired by the chic clothing the designer's mother, Sylvia, wore in the 1960s. Made out of organic modal/silk blend. Made with care in New York's Garment District, USA. Noir Black. cription for the product will go.Purchase Now

Price: $164.00
Organic Insider Price: $76.00

Organic Insider
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