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Lumino Wellness Advocates
Lumino products are based on a simple concept:
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Your external appearance reflects your internal health.

Lumino products that make your skin radiant and smooth, your hair shiny, your nails

 longer, and teeth whiter, also improve your bones, digestion, brain, heart,

and strengthen immune and lymph systems.

These are natural health and beauty products.  They represent our search for

non-invasive healing and regenerating compounds and formulas.

 Some of these ingredients have been used for centuries

 but fell out of favor when modern science brought us 'better living' through chemicals.

Order with confidence.   100% money back guarantee.

Daily Rituals
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These products take a practice you do every day, such as brushing your teeth, and transform
them from ordinary to exceptional.  You are no longer just cleaning your teeth,
 now you are whitening them and fostering much healthier mouth and gums. Every day you need to use salt and oil.  
Shouldn't you be using ones that are loaded with health and beauty benefits?
These simple changes will quickly reveal themselves in healthier hair, nails, teeth, and skin.  
You will also feel differences in your stamina and digestion.
Since you will be using these every day, we also have them in economical bulk sizes.  
Information about cost savings with these sizes will be included with your order.
picture of beautiful teeth.
Embarrassed by your teeth and not smiling like you used to?

What causes teeth to stain?  Most stains are caused by drinking wine, soda, coffee,

and tea, using medications, smoking cigarettes, and eating some foods.

As we grow older our teeth become stained as surface enamel cracks and the inside of the tooth absorbs stains.

Lumino teeth whitener is a healthy neutral tasting product that restores the natural whiteness.

 Our product won't change tooth color to a ghastly, unnatural shade.

 Includes 20 grams of diatomite minerals for polishing the teeth.  

Diatomite is a slightly abrasive mineral combination that will make

 your teeth feel like you've just visited your dental hygienist.       

picture of long fingernails.
Grow stronger, longer nails and thicker eyelashes

Are your nails cracked and chipped?  

Is your hair showing signs of dullness, split ends, and thinning?  

A silica deficiency could be the problem.

The body's ability to produce silica diminishes with time, especially in women.

 Silica is needed by the body for the formation of collagen and connective tissue.

  Supplementing your diet with silica in FDMinerals will maintain lustrous hair and promote longer stronger nails.

 Your eyelashes will be thicker than ever before.

Depending on your mineral deficiency level you will see stronger nails in four to six weeks

.  Increased lash thickness takes approximately eight weeks.

Each canister contains servings of 110 heaping teaspoons, at least a 3 month supply.  

picture of detoxing face cleanser.
Cleanse, detox, and rebuild

A multi-purpose formula for looking and feeling younger.  

Montmorillonite clay, organic fossilized phytoplankton minerals (FDMinerals), and psyllium husk powder

 are combined to make you beautiful outside and inside.

'Living Clays' have long been recognized for their ability to intercept

and eliminate unhealthy cells and toxins.

FDMinerals contain vital nutrients that promote clear skin, stronger nails,

longer lashes, thicker hair, and increased bone density.

Psyllium husk powder is one of the most effective natural dietary fibers.

 It facilitates regularity and lowers cholesterol.

Each canister contains 120 servings, at least a 3 month supply.    

 Himalayan salt crystal photo
Himalayan Salt Crystals
Himalayan salts are much purer than sea salts.  
They are harvested by hand from the heart of the Himalayan Mountains.  
They have never been in contact with the pollutants
 or toxins now present in most of the worlds' oceans where sea salt is produced.
You can use it like any table salt--for cooking, baking, or seasoning.
 It will give your food a much richer flavor and dimension than ordinary table salt.  
It contains crucial minerals that human bodies need.
 Analysis reveals that this salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements ssential to our well-being.
 It gets its beautiful pinkish color from these naturally occurring minerals.

8 oz. jar. In general, you need 1/2 teaspoon per day.   More if you exercise strenously.  

 photo of coconut oil 
Virgin 100% Organic Coconut Oil
Only the finest hand selected organic coconuts are used in making our oil.  
It is made using the traditional cold pressed method.  
No chemicals or high heat treatments are involved in the process.
 It contains no trans fatty acids.
This is one of the best cooking oils you can use.
 Even when used at higher temperature it is resistant to mutations of its short and medium fatty acid chains.  
These acid chains are also known for their health promoting properties.
Use coconut oil on your skin.  
Its small molecular structure allows for quick and easy absorption through the skin.
 It helps keep the connective tissue strong and supple, preventing sagging and wrinkling.

Calm Gentle Detox/Cleanse

Clay And Organic Mineral Spa Mask

Clay and Organic Mineral Tooth Polish Powder

Dead Sea Salt And Organic Jojoba Oil Scrub

Himalayan Salt Crystals And Organic Coconut Scrub

Hyperpigmentation Fading Cream

Microderm Himalayan Salt Glow

Mineral Dead Sea Salt Bath Therapy

Moon Time Calm Balm

Organic Diatomaceous Earth For Pets

Organic Fossilized Diatomite Minerals(FDMinerals)

Organic Restorative Skin Emolliant

Organic Super Healing Foot Butter

Teeth Whitener and Brightner